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    William Ballard

    Meeting Agenda:
    Module 1
    Module 2- history complete, FS picture status, Info.
    Module 3 Review and comment
    Module 4
    1. Risk Analysis Methodology =Heron’s Formula
    Probability/ Consequence/ Impact
    2. Planning Zones = First in District. Is there any other way we want to try? We can do district map A,B,C,D
    3. Risk Assessment – Services or risks by planning zone for 2015-2017
    • Fire Suppression Services (Martinusen)
    • Emergency Medical Services (including vehicle accidents) (pin ins go under rescue) (Albertson)
    • Hazardous Materials Services (Frando)
    • Rescue Services (Ballard)
    • Wildland Services (Snow)
    4. Critical Task Analysis NFPA 1710 and NFPA 1670. Awareness of DP 419
    Deployment or resources for each risk and category to establish an effective response force
    Risk Classification and Categories (RAFER classification scale)?
    • 4 categories (Low, Moderate, High, & Maximum) or
    • 5 categories (Low, Moderate, High, Maximum, & Severe or Special Risk)

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