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    William Ballard

    Bakersfield FIRE Department
    Urban Search And Rescue Meeting December, 2018
    Meeting Agenda:
    1. USAR/RTF Organizational Chart
    • Shift US&R/RTF daily roster (status update)
    • Shift leaders and BKF Training contact point
    • Position considerations (FIRESCOPE Task books in progress.)
    2. USAR/RTF training needs for 2019
     Technician Search Specialist (TSS) (Completed 4rd quarter 2016)
    • Search Managers 1 required for RTF, but we need depth (6) 2 per shift
    • Task Force Leader. We only have 4.
    • Heavy Equipment Rigging Specialist (TBA) TEEK is not an option.
    • REMS class for internal certification?
    • Quarterly USAR training topics and instructors
    • Rope Rescue Technician, RS 3 or structural collapse tech.
    • K-9’s (unfunded but I have developed an OP)
    3. Swift Water training needs for 2019
    • Motorized boat training
    4. Equipment needs
    • SRT boat, motor, job box?, and equipment replacement grant from Firehouse restaurant
    • Hardware/software
    – Rope log use?
    • REMS equipment and job box.
    • Parateck midpoint brace
    • OES trailer bits, check sheet and BFD shoring trailer
    5. USAR/RTF recent deployment request and future mobilization exercises (MOBEX)
    6. RTF working group meeting notes
    • Foot print
    • Addition of a Assistant Task Force Leader
    • Reduction of K-9’s and structural specialist
    • FIRESCOPE task books per position (renewed interest)
    • FIRESCOPE position qualifications (renewed interest)
    • OES is searching for a training funding mechanism for the 12 RTF’s
    • FIRESCOPE meeting Dec 3, 2018 Standard Equipment List (SEL) 120-1
    • RTF WG participation and review
    • NIMS Compliance
    • Administration
    • Definitions
    • General Requirements
    • Typing Models & Requirements
    • Position Specific Training Requirements
    • Single Resource Types & Mission Ready Packages
    • US&R Task Force Equipment Standards
    • Construction & Collapse Types
    • Heavy Equipment Resource Typing
    • Search & Reconnaissance Operations • Haz-Mat/CBRNE Considerations
    • Swiftwater/Flood Search & Rescue Considerations
    • Incident Support Team Roles & Responsibilities
    • Deployment Process, Mobilization Guidelines
    • Resource Quality Assurance & Recertification
    • After Action Review Process
    • Type 1-4 Single Resource Equipment Standards
    • NIMS US&R Task Force Equipment Requirements
    • California Type 3 Task Force Equipment Requirements
    • Air Resource Typing

    William Ballard

    USAR Task Force Members
    William J. Ballard FIRESCOPE
    Austin Brown B shift USAR instructor
    Chris Borden Already busy with hazmat task force
    Chris Bowles Roster, RTF working group
    Dave Seibt REMS + equipment needs
    Jason Kingsley C shift USAR instructor
    Larry Eichner USAR uniform + rain gear
    Matthew Patrick Shift instructor
    Mike Olson Training needs and coordinator
    William Roger Ballard C shift USAR instructor

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