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    Matt Perry


    TO: Bakersfield Fire Department Members
    FROM: Matthew Perry, Accountability/Rapid Intervention Task Force Facilitator
    DATE: 12/15/2018
    SUBJECT: Accountability/Rapid Intervention Task Force Meeting

    BFD Team, the Accountability/Rapid Intervention Task Force recently met and immediately went to work on developing a specific identity for the group, including a purpose, values, goals, objectives, and roles and responsibilities. Please read the information below that covers a recap for the meeting.

    At the beginning of the accountability/rapid intervention meeting, members reviewed the identity of the Bakersfield Fire Department. This included reading the vision statement, mission statement, core values, and task force group playbook guidelines. Next, members deliberated purposefully and intentionally to develop and adopt the following information:

    Purpose: To change our attitude, mindset, and culture toward firefighter emergencies.

    Our purpose was built upon a unanimous decision regarding the relaxed attitude, mindset, and culture specifically toward firefighter emergencies.

    Values: Authenticity, Adaptability, Clarity, Commitment

    Authenticity – true, honest, legitimate, and fact-based
    Adaptability – versatility, flexibility, and dynamic
    Clarity – transparency, certainty, and directness
    Commitment – responsibility, dedicated, and unwavering

    Goals: 1. Open the lines of communication and establish dialogue. 2. Continue education, be proactive, and enhance proficiency. 3. Develop cultural change.

    The accountability/rapid intervention task force goals are very broad based with specific objectives outlining how the goals will be accomplished with specific time frames.

    Objectives: 1. 30-45 days: open the lines of communication and establish dialogue. This will be accomplished through agendas sent out prior to meetings; minutes sent out within 48 hours of the meeting; operational bulletins notifying department members of both; and researching the possibility of a “thread” on the website to further increase transparency and communication.

    2. 90-120 days: Continue education, be proactive, and enhance proficiency. This will be accomplished by in-service training at stations; review, update, and implement changes to operational procedures; provide facts and educational training regarding firefighter emergencies; and coordinate training opportunities with Kern County Fire Department to increase familiarization with their RIC packs.

    3. 1 year: Develop cultural change. This will be accomplished through simulated firefighter emergencies; critique of incident operations and efficiency of assigned rapid intervention crews; and metrics.

    Metrics: The accountability/rapid intervention task force will be measuring our quality of plan and performance through the number of station training days; number of crews contacted and trained; operational procedure and communication discussions with members; and rapid intervention assignments on working incidents.

    Roles & Responsibilities: Each member has accepted the role and responsibility of adhering to the adopted purpose, values, goals, and objectives. Furthermore, each team member will be available for all questions, comments, feedback, ideas, issues, and training pertaining to accountability and rapid intervention from BFD teammates.

    Accountability/Rapid Intervention Team Roster:
    Codi Adams: 714-357-7113
    Scott Barry: 661-428-1236
    Brian Bowman: 661-303-6541
    Austin Brown: 661-448-6457
    Kyle Coles: 661-201-5325
    Mark Davis: 805-338-9252
    Tom Jacobsen: 714-466-0151
    Jason Kingsley: 805-432-3029
    Jordan Meyer: 559-213-3654
    Brett Perry: 949-309-6506
    Matt Perry: 661-246-9695
    Kris Reynolds: 661-213-7794

    Thank you,
    Your Accountability/Rapid Intervention Team

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