Holiday Order-Back Change Proposal


-Award vacation requests in February as usual.


-30 Days out, fill all non-vacation vacancies, i.e. vacancies, industrial leave, light duty, specialty positions.


-Once non vacation vacancies are filled, fulfill vacation requests off of the pick list in seniority order, from most senior to least senior.

-Senior members requests will be filled from top down, regardless of station.  For example, if the             vacancies occur in seniority order at stations 9, 6, 14, then 1, and you are first on the pick list, you  will be placed into the vacancy at station 9 since it is the top seniority vacancy.

-Once your first priority/first round request is filled, your second-round pick will be filled after any first round picks on the same day.  For example, if your first-round pick is Christmas Day and you are the senior most request for Christmas Day, it will be filled in that order.  If your second-round pick is Thanksgiving Day and you are still the most senior request, any first round requests will be filled first.  Your seniority will come into effect if second round requests are filled.


-Unfulfilled vacation requests may remain open until the day before the holiday to be filled off the picklist.


-If a non-vacation vacancy is created after the 30 day out-bounding of vacation requests, that spot may be ordered back for.


-Establish a true holiday order-back list.

-Such list will be rank for rank, starting in seniority order.

-Once you get ordered back for a holiday, you cannot be ordered back for a holiday until everyone else eligible after you has gotten ordered back.

-One list, per shift, for all holidays.

-If you promote, you move to the top of the order-back list for the new rank.



Senior members will almost always still be awarded their vacation requests.  Most of the time, there are minimal order backs, which would mean the lowest seniority requests would go unfilled while the senior most would still get the day off. This committee believes this change to be a better way to honor seniority when it comes to holidays off, while still doing more to make sure your scheduled day off is still your day off unless due to sickness, injury or vacancy.  Dozens of shifts of vacation are being used, by members of ALL levels of seniority, to prevent a relatively small number of order-backs on holidays.




-Thanksgiving in 2017, 29 people burned vacation to block themselves from 2 order-backs.


-Christmas Eve 2017, 35 people used vacation to block themselves from 1 order-back, and on Christmas day, there was 3 order-backs after those 35 shifts of vacation were used to guarantee a day off would remain a day off.


-Christmas eve 2016 was a similar story with 23 vacation blocks for 2 order-backs and Christmas Day had the same 23 blocks with 0 order-backs.  While there were 0 order-backs Christmas Day, 13 spots were filled voluntarily, 11 of which were vacation.


On these holidays, you can see how the most senior vacation requests would still be awarded while the lowest seniority spots may go unfilled.


There have been and may be holidays in the future where operational vacancies impact the number of vacation requests filled.


*Vacation blocks are assumed in this proposal as shifts of vacation used on either side of days off where a holiday takes place.


If you have comments, questions or concerns, reach out to a committee member:


Brian Bowman, 661-303-6541

Chris Campbell, 661-747-5312

Scott Smith, 661-619-2274

Mary McGill, 760-417-2598

Sean Engler, 949-697 6546

Kyle Jarnagan, 661-201-1711